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There are different stages of delicate work in order to make a carpet or rug. Recreating a design, studying different styles and historical motives, elaboration of the designing carpets, studying the natural colors, the tinting process, coloring, experiencing the creation of the color complexion of design, dying the raw silk and wool, drying and spinning the yarns, Wrapping the looms (ChelleKeshi,) and then the most important, difficult, and delicate part, which is the weaving, takes place by most professional artisans. The last part is cutting the wefts (Pardakht,) washing (Shoor,) and framing. Of course all of these takes place under the direct supervision of Mr. Hosseini himself. The main raw materials for the carpets are Silk & Wool. Silk yarns are whether imported from China, or obtained from Soome-Sare, in the northern region of Iran. Wool is available in Iran, or is imported from Australia. Raw silk is colorless. The paints and pigments are imported from Switzerland or other famous manufacturers around the world.

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