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Mostly the European traders who imported textile and other goods to Iran, also exported carpets to Europe in exchange. IT was during the nineteenth century that the Persian carpets introduced to north America by European traders, and later it was the Armenian traders who carried on the export of the Persian carpets. As per the historical records, export of the Persian carpets to Europe is documented around 14th century. During the last century there were over 2500 looms in several factories, which produced pre-designed and identical carpets for foreign traders.

However, in most provinces of Iran, there are many houses where the members of the family still weave their dreams and pass the message to the next generation's artisans.
Designs and techniques in carpeting vary from province to province. Tabriz has been distinguished among the other cities of the country for excellence in carpet weaving industry.

Alinasab family in Azerbaijan province has been reputed as one of the most sophisticated and skilled artisans.

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