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The selected beauties of the centuries are captured in a picture. On the carpet loom there are thousands of knots in every row and thousand of rows are sitting upon each other to depict a picture.

The closer the picture to perfection, the tighter the knots and the more delicate the yarns. Iran is a large country with thousands of years of history. The Iranian population consists of several cultures, and every culture has its own tradition and art. The design of each nation varies, and through out the centuries the elements of designs, including techniques have become more stylized, symbolic and sophisticated.

The Carpet designs embody the historical events of the centuries. Every carpet has the story of its own weaver, and carries the culture of the region. Usually the sizes of the carpets were based on the market demand. There were several small factories which specifically prepared carpets for European markets.
The city of Tabriz with its reputation in the art of carpet weaving is the center of the province of Azerbaijan, which has been on the route of export by land to Europe and Russia. The importance of the market of this city for trading has been retained in countries.

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