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Weaving carpets is the oldest handicraft of Iran. This Artistic industry has been exported to many countries through out the centuries. Persian carpets have been luxurious objects, decorating the castles and mansions for centuries. All courts and palaces’ floors and walls were covered with Persian Carpets.

The carpets’ designs where influenced by the ceramics which decorated the walls. The old Persian temple’s constructional structure resembles a smaller sky, and inside is decorated with paintings, which reflects the spiritual belief of the nation at that time. These paintings where the raconteur of the picturesque religious stories for the eyes looking at them instead of stars.

The artist had to divide a motif in several prepared mosaics, and for protection from natural hazards, had to enamel them. Later these mosaics where installed onto the ceiling of the temple. The floor was covered with carpets, which were influenced by the ceramic design of the ceiling and walls. It was carpet weaving amongst all the other ancient Persian crafts that survived. The mobility of this art and the economic support of the Europeans who were found of Persian Carpets are among the major reasons.

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